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Shell Art Award 2018

Shell Art Award 2018 Program

About us

Shell Art Award 2018 is 47th public art award for modern art originally started in 1956, when impacted Japanese art world at that time. After 31 exhibitions of Shell Art Award during 1956 - 1981 and Showa Shell Modern Art Award during 1996 - 2001, Shell Art Award has begun again in 2003. With the ambition to foster careers of next generation artists, we are completely open to the public and has been known as "a passport to success" for young artists in the art world. The year of 2018 marks the 62nd anniversary since its foundation. We have continuously supported students and assembled a group of judges with various perspectives. Not only for that, we are starting a new exciting project for the past winners and nominees in this year.
Showa Shell contributes to the art world through "mécénat" activities which aim to develop the next generation with our continuous support for young artists through Shell Art Award. We look forward to see potential artists and wish greater success for the past winners and nominees.

Shell Art Award 2018 Judges(honorifics omitted)

Atsuhiko Shima
■ Atsuhiko Shima
Director, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Atsushi Shinfuji
■ Atsushi Shinfuji
Curator, The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
Yasuyuki Nakai
■ Yasuyuki Nakai
Vice director, The National Museum of Art, Osaka
Tomoko Yabumae
■ Tomoko Yabumae
Curator, The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Chika Osaka
■ Chika Osaka
Shell Art Award 2010, Special Prize from the Judge
Shell Art Award Artist Selection 2012


  • Nominated and won works will be exhibited in December at the National Art Center of Tokyo.
Grand Prix・・・For one work, one million yen
Ecumenical Prize・・・For five works, each 300,000 yen
Special award for students・・・For one or two works, each 100,000 yen
Nomination・・・For 46 works
Audience's Favorite・・・For one work

About Events

If you are interested in last year's event, click the following link
Please note that it is written only in Japanese

Application record of Shell Art Award

Number of applicantsNumber of applied works
Shell Art Award 2017 606 852
Shell Art Award 2016 570 791
Shell Art Award 2015 552 807
Shell Art Award 2014 564 815
Shell Art Award 2013 698 1,001
Shell Art Award 2012 840 1,226
Shell Art Award 2011 903 1,291
Shell Art Award 2010 950 1,410
Shell Art Award 2009 1,093 1,666
Shell Art Award 2008 1,144 1,700
Shell Art Award 2007 1,076 1,616
Shell Art Award 2006 903 1,357
Shell Art Award 2005 917 1,418
Shell Art Award 2004 801 1,254
Shell Art Award 2003≫2004 1,002 1,665
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