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History and Current Refinery Capacity
Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. was established on January 1, 1985, by a merger of equals between Showa Oil Co., Ltd. and Shell Sekiyu K.K. The former was originally established on August 1, 1942, by consolidation amongst three companies: Hayama Oil, Asahi Oil and Niitsu Oil. In April 1949, Showa Oil Co., Ltd. received authorization from Japanese government as an oil distributor and made a return to the business after a respite in the World War II. In June 1949, Showa Oil concluded an agreement with Royal Dutch/Shell Group for crude oil import and technical know-how exchange. This relationship has been further strengthened in the form of equity participation to Showa Sekiyu K.K. by Royal Dutch/Shell Group since June 1951.
Shell Sekiyu K.K. started its history in Yokohama in early Meiji era (around 1876) as an entity called Samuel Company, which was the precursor of Shell Group in later years. On April 11, 1900, it spun out its petroleum business section and named it as Rising Sun Petroleum Company to handle petroleum import and sales. After ceasing operations for several years around the World War II, it resumed operations in 1949 when Japanese government determined the privatization of petroleum distribution sector. Thus, the two companies had a very close relationship both financially and operationally even before the merger in 1985.

Current Refinery Capacity

The combined capacity of the three Group refineries (Yokkaichi Refinery of Showa Yokkaichi Sekiyu, Keihin Refinery of Toa Oil and Yamaguchi Refinery of Seibu Oil), is 445,000 barrels per day. Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. has introduced state-of-the-art technologies, including fuel oil hydro-desulfurization units, a residue fluid catalytic cracking unit, continuously-regenerated catalyst reforming units, a gasoline isomeration unit and a Flexicoker. At the same time, the company is also fully committed to safety and environmental protection.

Refinery Facilities

Processing Capacity (per stream day)
Mizue Factory
(Toa Oil Co., Ltd.)
(Showa Yokkaichi
Sekiyu Co., Ltd.)
(Seibu Oil Co., Ltd.)
70,000BBL 255,000BBL 120,000BBL
(as of February, 2014)
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