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Business Overview

Showa Shell Sekiyu's goal is to support its customers and society as an energy solutions provider supplying safe and sustainable energy, with oil and energy solution business as its two main businesses.

● Oil Business
Through partnerships with the Shell Group and Saudi Aramco, which are major shareholders, we refine crude oil imported from around the world at Group refineries in Japan (Yokkaichi, Keihin, and Yamaguchi; crude oil processing capacity: 445,000 barrels/day), and sell it to customers as gasoline and other oil products at about 3,460 (as of Dec 31, 2013) service stations (SS) throughout Japan. In addition, we sell oil products including industrial fuels, LPG, chemicals, lubricants, and bitumen, and utilize the Shell Group's global network to export oil products.

● Energy Solution Business
(1) Solar Business
Showa Shell Sekiyu has developed the technology for manufacturing next-generation CIS thin-film solar panels. The production plants owned by our subsidiary Solar Frontier K.K. have a total annual production capacity of about 1GW, and our CIS modules have been sold in Europe, the U.S., the Middle East, and Asia, as well as Japan. Solar Frontier K.K. is providing a wide range of services from plant engineering to plant operation and further to selling those plants to end-users or investors in relation to the solar power plant development.

(2) Electric Power Business
Ohgishima Power Co., Ltd., as a joint venture with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., has been operating two natural gas-fired power plants (Ohgishima Power Stations). Showa Shell Group is producing and selling electricity as environmentally friendly energy sourcing from clean energy.

Oil Business Domestic Oil Sales
  • Sales of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and automotive lubricants for service stations
  • Sales of diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, LNG, industrial lubricants, etc. for industry
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Production and sales of clean propane gas for homes and commercial facilities.
  • Production and sales of clean auto gas for automobiles
  • Production and sales of clean butane gas and clean mix gas for industrial use
High Value-added Products
(Lubricants, Bitumen and International Sales)
  • Production and sales of lubricants and greases
  • Production and sales of bitumen for road paving and as compounds for construction material products
  • Sales of fuel and lubricants for jets and vessels
Exports and Petrochemicals
  • Exports of refined oil products (mainly diesel)
  • Production and sales of mixed xylene, benzene and propylene
  • Refining crude oil into oil products at 3 Group refineries
Enengy Solution Business Solar Business
  • Production and sales of CIS solar panels and systems
  • Providing "One stop service" including development, building, operating, and maintenance of solar power plant
Electric Power Business
  • Production and supply of electric power
  • Wholesale and retail sales of electric power
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